Employment history


Onwards from 2017 I coordinate the MSc course "Methods in Biodiversity Analysis" at the Institute of Biology, Leiden University.

Researcher, bioinformaticist

Starting February 1st 2012 I am employed as a researcher in bioinformatics at NCB Naturalis.

Marie Curie Research Fellow

Starting from Fall 2009 to Fall 2011, I was employed as a research fellow at the University of Reading as a member of the Reading Evolutionary Biology Group working with Mark Pagel on natural selection in Primates, developing a comparative framework integrating molecules and natural history.

Bioinformatics consultant

Starting from Fall 2008 till November 2010, I have worked on the TreeBASE project as an outside consultant for the University of Pennsylvania.

Postdoctoral fellow

Starting from 2006 till Fall 2009, I have worked at the University of British Columbia, as an international collaborator on the CIPRES project, contributing to architecture and database design.

Research assistant

From January 2001 through August 2006 I have worked intermittently as a research assistant at Simon Fraser University on a number of projects involving phylogenetic inference.