I enjoy teaching. In addition to the longer courses below I have given guest lectures for Shad Valley, taught seminars on bioinformatics at Simon Fraser University and given various conference talks at the SSE Evolution Conference and the Pacific Ecology Conference. In my classes I seek to combine new media with my lectures. I consistently receive positive student evaluations. Recently, I have also mentored two graduate students (Klaas Hartmann and Jason Caravas) for the NeXML project, and one student (Anurag Priyam) for the NeXML project, both with funding by Google.

Invited speaker, lecturer

In 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 I have taught a course on computational phyloinformatics hosted the first two years at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center in the US, in 2009 at the Gulbenkian Institute in Lisbon, Portugal and in 2010 at the Beijing Genomics Institute in Shenzhen, China.

Teaching assistant

For various courses at Simon Fraser University I have given lectures and organized seminars, notably for a 4th level Biodiversity course (Fall semesters 2001 and 2004), a 1st level Introduction to Biology course (Fall semester 2001) and a 4th level Evolution course (Spring semester 2002).

For an international master course on phylogenetics I developed and taught a web-based lab on the systematics of lemurs at the Zoological Museum of Amsterdam (Fall semester 1999).